in November 2017 the price of Carbo exceeded$2. Changes in value can be tracked on exchanges. The plan is to issue 10 million karbovanets.



Main advantages:

  • Mining Capability without expensive equipment;
  • Privacy through the use of ring signature technology;
  • Interchangeability and unification of currencies;
  • Coin Denominations have the same purchasing power;
  • The Ability to recharge mobile phones, the karbovanets.

Do you trust exchanges?

KARBO the stock purchase sales
KARBO the stock purchase sales

exchanges for cryptocurrencies are needed to concentrate a large part of the electronic currency, which is already in circulation, for its exchange, purchase, sale and other operations.

Exchanges operate on the same principle:

  1. Registration;
  2. Money entry for trade or exchange (you can set the price for sale or exchange, and start trading by placing your order in the General list);
  3. Create a request (order) for the purchase and sale of currency ( you can set the price for the currency you want to sell or buy, the auction begins after placing your application in the General list).

There are several exchanges where trades involving krb are conducted:

  1. – on the main page there is a list of currencies participating in the auction. There is a search bar, the desired cryptocurrency. Above each value there are filters, you choose the necessary information. At the top of the main page there is a button Help & ndash; presents all information about the API, specify a fee of 0.2%;
  2. – the interface of the trading platform is simple and convenient. The main page displays an overview of the market for trading, indicating the actual price, its growth or decline for each of the currencies. API is simple to learn it will not be easy, for beginners, there are detailed instructions. There is a support service, consultations are provided in Russian, English, Chinese.
  3. – cryptocurrency exchange Karbovanets(KRB), SinCoin (SIB). Electronic money WebMoney, Payeer (which includes Qiwi, Yandex Money, etc.). The menu of the exchange is simple. On the command line are displayed the buttons:

- Auction – displays the bids for the purchase and sale according to the current exchange rate;

- Commission < / b > regarding sale, purchase, deposits, withdrawal;

- Help – the replenishment of the krb, the confirmation Telegram account;

- Check – is obligatory for exchange;

-Authorization – login to the system.

  1. – ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange, which has a simple interface. The menu bar has such function buttons:

- buy/Sell currency exchange rate, with chart;

- news an active news blog;

- Registration - for trades on the site, it is necessary to register;

- Personal account is available after registration on the website;

- Help the button consists of: FAQ ( answers to your questions); ARI (official documentation of the trading platform); Commission (for transactions, withdrawal, etc.); mobile application PTS Trade UA (version for mobile phones); affiliate programs (cooperation with the exchange); agreement (regulates the order of access to the site and the system); documentation (information about “bitcoin”).

  1. — this is a modern cryptocurrency exchange, which offers a detailed analysis of the desired currency in the form of charts and tables. The user-friendly menu is divided into the following sections:

- brief displays information about the early robots of the exchange, what Commission is taken for transactions;

- Documents & ndash; includes button User agreement (contains the rules robots on the site), privacy Policy (regulates the collection and processing of personal information), policy AML (fight against the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means), agreement on the use of AR ( user access rules);

- support button Contact us (by filling out the form you can ask a question of interest), FAQ(frequently asked questions list), Public methods API (applying HTTP GET requests and returning the result in JSON format), Add a coin;

- Discussion – c networks Twitter, Bitcointalk.

  1. - english site, functional menu will help you to get acquainted with the site, there is a support service, if something is not understood. Convenient charts will help to analyze the rate of the virtual currency, determine the purchase or sale.


How to buy karbovanets

Karbo currency is young and quite promising, which in the near future can bring its owner a pretty good income. The system operates under the law of Metcalf, which means that its potential increases with each user.

To buy hryvnia

Purchase Karbo for hryvnia can be done on the sites, Internet resource guarantees confidentiality and security of money transactions. Need a, binding registering the.

Buy for dollars

To buy e-currency at the official online resource, register in advance.

Can I buy through Privat24?

At the moment the purchase karbovanets via Privat24 is not carried out

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